Ten electric locomotives

Four two-system electric locomotives, series ES 64 U2, all of which are equipped with remote radio control. Four two-system electric locomotives, series 1216, types 'G' and 'B'.
Two Siemens Vectron 91 81 1193 890-1 locomotive.


Axle arrangement:Bo'Bo'
Weight:86 t
Electrical systems:15 kV / 16,7 Hz; 25 kV / 50 Hz
Continuous rating:6400 kW
Top speed:230 kph / Vectron 160 kph
Starting tractive effort:300 kN
Continuous tractive effort:250 kN at 92,2 kph
Year of manufacture:2000–2009 / Vectron: 2013 and later
Remote radio control:ES 64 U2 080/082: yes / Vectron: no
 ETCS: Vectron: yes



CargoServ Diesellok 1504.02

Three diesel locomotives

BR 1504 locomotives (V 100.4 series, modernized by Bombardier Transportation)

Axle arrangement:B'B'
Weight:72 t
Axle load:18 t
Power output:1060 kW
Top speed:80 kph
Starting tractive effort:237 kN (calculated)
Year of manufacture:2001 (modernized)
Remote radio control:Yes

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