1 April 2020

Annual volume:

Finished product ex voestalpine Linz:

  • Ingolstadt 65,000 tons
  • Regensburg 30,000 tons
  • Dingolfing 80,000 tons

Scrap to voestalpine in Linz

  • Ingolstadt 105,000 tons
  • Regensburg 90,000 tons


voestalpine Linz - Passau – Landshut – Regensburg – Ingolstadt 

Number of trains: 

5 return trips per week

Special features:

Combined transport, loaded Shimms railcars + empty Ea railcars to Germany and empty Shimms or loaded Ea railcars (scrap) to Linz Use of special scrap wagons with a maximum load of 63 tons, return-trip service for scrap railcars.

Types of railcars used:

Ea und Shimms